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Locating a suitable practice opportunity while managing your career is probably one of the hardest things you will do in your lifetime. Why? Because you spend such a large part of your waking hours at your place of employment. Its' influence on the rest of your life is paramount.

Personal Search
Medical Search Associates will design a unique and personal search for you which includes your criteria for geographic location, responsibilities, and salary. All of the fees which we generate are employer paid. This means our services are offered to you at  no cost. In return, we ask you give us your careful attention. The search for health care jobs which match your background and skills is a very difficult and time consuming process! 

Your job search is initiated as soon as we receive your curriculum vitae. Information such as your preferences for geographic location, clinical setting, job responsibilities, and salary expectations will be needed as well. After your CV and preferences are carefully reviewed by one of our professional consultants, you will be contacted to discuss the job search strategies which will be employed on your particular search. 

Position Match
When a position is located which meets your job search criteria, you will be contacted by our staff to discuss the details of the position. Information concerning the position will be provided to you. With your approval, your resume will be sent to the client for review. After the client reviews your resume and expresses an interest in your background, a telephone interview will be scheduled. 

After the telephone interview, a site visit will be scheduled if you and the client choose to move forward with the interview process. After you return from your site visit and if there is still interest between you and the healthcare facility, negotiations will continue. Medical Search Associates is here to ensure a win-win relationship is created between you and your future employer. We are experts at resolving any issues which may arise at this critical stage. Once an offer of employment is made, you will have a limited time to decide if the position is right for you. When you accept an offer of employment, we will assist you throughout your transition.